Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Final Post

For Carter, it has been a huge blast to be in New Mexico. Today we went to see the Rio Grande River and we even skipped rocks. Mr. Coolidge’s goal was to skip the rock all the way across the river. Finally, with his last stone, he succeeded!  His stone skipped across the river at least six times. 

While we were at the river, we learned about irrigation.  There are lots of steps to turning the water on so that farmers can get their fields irrigated.  We got to irrigate someone’s farmland.  You see some of that in the pictures.  We also saw many different canals.  There were catwalks across the canal from which we could take beautiful pictures.

One of our favorite experiences here was making tortillas.  We got to squash little round balls of dough and make them into circles with a rolling pin.   We then cooked them and ate them.  They were so good!  With the honey it didn’t taste too good in the beginning, but the aftertaste was delicious!

Yohannes feels that the other night was the best day of trip because we went out to Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico and because it was Christian and Taylor’s birthday.  That night we went out for pizza and ice cream. It felt pretty weird to be in a city area because we have been in a place that was not high-tech for almost a week. I think that this will be one my best trips ever!

Christian writes:  On this trip I have learned a lot about respect and being polite. I have had so much fun on this service trip but every good time must come to an end.  One of the saddest times of this trip was saying goodbye to the kids and our World Leadership teachers.  I have made a lot of friendships but I have got contact numbers.  One of the funniest times of this trip was when we were putting up our tent. Man! We put that tent up and down so many times. Then we finally got a new tent that was very nice and big, but then the ZIPPER BROKE!

Good bye New Mexico!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Final Post Coming Soon!

The final blog post from our New Mexico 2013 trip will be posted ASAP.  The next post will have photos from: tortilla making in a pueblo home (exclusive pics since most people are not allowed to take pictures within the pueblo),   irrigation and the Rio Grande River, classroom activities with our New Mexico peers, and the good-bye ceremony.  So watch this space!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The eagle has landed

Come get your kids!

On the final plane home

Mr Coolidge says he ticked some people off when he scored early "family" boarding for the gang. I say good work!

Waiting at Gate in Chicago


It's a heck of a town and our kids have landed there safely. One more plane then home!

On plane and ready for takeoff!

Waiting at the gate

Bus home

The gang is on the bus headed toward the airport!
Return Flight Information:

Depart Albuquerque, NM (ABQ) on Southwest Airlines
Arrive in Chicago (Midway), IL (MDW)
WiFi on Board
Travel Time2:40
Change connect, change plane to Southwest Airlines in Chicago (Midway), IL (MDW)
Arrive in Baltimore/Washington, MD (BWI)
WiFi on Board
Travel Time1:40

Friday, March 22, 2013

Skipping stones

At this moment, the kids are skipping stones in the Rio Grande River.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Mexico Trip -- Storytellers, Pottery, and a Special Tour

Dylan, Ryan, and Jack say “Hi from Pueblo de Cochiti!” Yesterday, we met Nadine Pecos and she taught us how to make Native American clay Storytellers. They represent how mothers or grandmothers told Native American children stories orally. They had to because they did not have a written language.
After that, one of the school workers gave us an exclusive tour of the Cochiti Pueblo. He showed us the plaza where the people dance, his house, the governor’s office, and the Kivas where the people dance for religious ceremonies. Outsiders are notallowed to take pictures within the pueblo so you won't see any posted on our blog.  (Instead we have posted pictures of our campsite.)
Before we left, he gave us a loaf of bread that was baked in traditional outdoor ovens. Some of us found pieces of shiny igneous rock called obsidian. Their ancestors used obsidian for their arrow heads.  Other people thought they found obsidian, but it was only charcoal.

We were going home when the bus made a wrong turn . . . or so we thought! Everyone was confused. We found out that we were going to Santa Fe for shopping, pizza, and ice cream! Yummy! On the ride home, we were all tired.  We went straight to bed (sleeping bags) when we got back to the camp site.
By Ryan, Jack, and Dillon

Special note for Karsten in Mrs. Meyers class:  We haven't seen any coyotes but we heard a bunch of them around our campsite the other night!  They were howling!

Thanks to everyone who is following our blog and commenting!